Shot of the Day – Pretty Girl with 60′s Look

pretty girl | sixties look“Annie Leibovitz said that “photography is a life through a lens” and this iswhat it feels like to me. My had my first taste of it in Zanzibar, Africa. I found myself living in National Geographic documentary with hermit crabs shuffling under my bed and geckos running on walls. Suddenly everything was egsotic and I wanted to record what I saw.”

“I came back and my photography waned. I had only a point and shoot camera and still wanted to make a living as a diving instructor. I could pursue only one expensive and gear-heavy passion… A few years passed and I had found myself in Australia. One day I came across a website of a man using a pin hole camera made of match box. The idea was so amazing that I had to try it. This happened a year or so ago.”

“I am an owner of a Nikon F100 now and love it. Supposedly the second best film 35mm camera ever made. They don’t make them anymore but I found a camera shop in New York that still had some new ones in stock. I like “strong” images- the images that bind your eyes, make you stop, make you think. I will always choose strong content over good technique. I want to take pictures like Robert Frank, Cartier-Bresson, Josuf Karsh, Anie Leibovitz. When I am as good as them I’ll try to be original…”

Original photography by Piotrek Ziolkowski

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