Photosensibility | Japan-Asia Photo Blog: Beer After Work – May 30, 2008

andrew gray photosensibilityLove this photo by our newest photoblog by Andrew Gray
Photosensibility | Japan-Asia Photo Blog: Beer After Work.

The setting looks relaxing and the beer, refreshing. Andrew has put together a wonderful blog, full of color and candid views of Japan. The photoblog makes nice use of imagery by utilizing a full frame perspective and informative text describing the documented scene.

With hundreds of pictures taken over the past couple of years, Andrew Gray has assembled quite a collection of memorable images. They are nicely categorized for easy browsing in the gallery, and can also be viewed from his monthly archives. One of main features of a successful photoblog is the incorporation of several search features, which this blog has.

Short bio of Andrew GrayI live in Tokyo, Japan in the town of Takao. I’m a passionate photographer of people and culture. I’m also involved in community organizing in my city and regularly take groups of Japanese volunteers to serve and learn in Cambodia. I grew up in Albuquerque, NM (USA), graduated from Occidental College in 1989, lived in East LA for many years, and moved to Japan with my family in 2002. At 6’3″ I don’t blend in well. Look for me appearing head and shoulders above the crowd in Tokyo or Phnom Penh holding a Canon 5D with a 24 or 50mm lens attached.

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