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photography web marketing guideAs photographers, getting our work noticed is the first order of business. Whether your online presence is used to sell images, promote a photographic studio, or increase exposure for your photography, gaining traffic and enriching your internet presence is a must if you want to be successful.

A few weeks ago I was asked to review a new ebook release, Photography Web Marketing Guide, by Zach Prez. Since I had reviewed some of Zach’s previous books (Photographer’s SEO Book and Blog SEO Zen), I was excited to read his latest work.

As a veteran web marketing consultant for many influential photography websites and companies, Zach Prez has an unique ability to speak authoritatively on a topic in easy to understand terms.

Photography Web Marketing Guide is divided into 4 majors areas:

  • Design – Web design and usability essentials
  • Search Engine Optimization – Keyword selection, page/post structure, link building, and image optimization
  • Email Marketing- How to get started using email to promote your site, top rated email systems, and best practices
  • Social Media – Newest social media sources…How to harness the power from these traffic sources


Photography Web Marketing Guide is a very informative aid for both, new website owners and established publishers. Zach did an excellent job of cutting out the fluff and getting straight to the point on key topics important for every photography site owner. The guide is designed with plenty of graphics and loads of links to additional tools and references.

While I still love Photographer’s SEO Book for it’s focus on SEO specific topics, I found Photography Web Marketing Guide to be a perfect choice for site owners looking for helpful tips touching all the key areas of web marketing.

Buy Now – Photography Web Marketing Guide – $29US

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