Photography Books of Interest – Upcoming Releases

Photography books provide an excellent way to jump start your artistic creativity and to see the world from a different perspective. Studying the works of classical artists has been a mainstay in Art curriculum since art’s been instructor-led…the same rewards and benefits can be achieved studying the masters of photography as well.

Listed below are several photography books I am suggesting and are due for release in the upcoming weeks. As loyal readers already know, I have a fondness for New York City street photography, unique photography projects and technical manuals “made easy”. Hope you enjoy this list!

cs5 missing manual

photographers survival manual

Catalogue Deraisonne

america by car lee friedlander

players tina barney

destination london photo book

canon camera hackers manual

wedding photojournalism book

the university avenue photography project

new york portrait of a city

Supercharge Your Photography Website

find your perfect camera

3 thoughts on “Photography Books of Interest – Upcoming Releases

  1. Aren’t photography books great!. I love spending a lazy Saturday lounging around with them.

    You’ve got some great ones on the list.

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