Photography Blogs I’m Reading The Day After Black Friday

Black Friday has come and gone..pretty uneventful in my household…waiting for Cyber Monday..In the meantime, I am reviewing a few interesting photography blogs you will surely enjoy. Some of these are recent entries that I am re-reviewing due to the long weekend….love reviewing my photography blog bookmarks whenever possible.

telescope visitor viewing lens

My name is Daniel Voegelin, and photography is my passion. I was born in 1985 in the town of Billerica Massachusetts, and have always been a very creative person. It was not until I took a black and white photography class in college however, that I realized photography would be my way to express this creativity to the world.

I routinely venture out into various aspects of photography, including still-life, landscapes, urban exploration, portraits and other studio work, travel and street photography, architectural and even some concert and event photography. I like to experiment with different photographic mediums and techniques, and am constantly redefining and expanding my own definition of what photography means to me, as an artist.

Massachusetts Photography Blog | Shutter Maki | Daniel Voegelin


This blog is a simple photoblog, showing photos that I have taken over the years. I live in the NE of Scotland, which gives me a chance to take some great photos of ancient Stone Circles and castles, wild coastlines and rugged mountains.

Scotland Photography Blog | Autofocused | Chris Lodge

Subway-Candy - news stand

My name is Santiago, I’m the photographer of SarcPhoto. My main goal its to provide a unique style concept for commercial and artistic photography. Sarcfilms represents an honest view of the circumstances that create motion to then be captured by a single frame to expose to the world.

New York City Photography Blog | SarcPhoto | Santiago Rodriguez

Supercharge Your Photography Website

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