photographing FOOD – Color and Camera – Issue 2

issue_2_coverBased on the overwhelming success of his first publication, photographing FOOD, by Taylor Mathis,  I was excited to get my hands on the latest edition, photographing FOOD – Color & Camera. Without fail, photographing FOOD – Issue 2 is a wonderful resource focused on the significance of careful color selection within the field of food photography and more importantly, how to do it!

As demonstrated in photographing FOOD – Issue 1, Taylor dives right in with no-nonsense instruction and beautifully illustrated steps to guide you to creating food photography masterpieces! 

food photography set-up

photographing Food – Color & Camera is 34 pages jammed full of great images, with step by step instructions clearly detailing each phase of the highlighted examples. I really enjoy seeing the images come together as he displays his set-ups before, during and the final image. 

In addition to the focus on color, in this issue he demonstrates what is possible in food photography using an array of cameras (from disposable cameras, phone cameras, to high end dslr), so you can see the difference.

Taylor also covers how to use of depth of field, camera angles, and tethered shooting to control your final output.

Download your copy today for only $5.

About Author - PHOTOGRAPHING FOOD is written and shot by Taylor Mathis, a lifestyle and food photographer based in Charlotte, NC. He blogs about food and food photography on Taylor Takes A Taste and is owner of Taylor Mathis Photography.


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