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My first introduction to Taylor’s work was several years ago when I was searching for tailgate recipes and happened to stumble upon an unique food photography project he was engaged in. At the time, Taylor was working on a cross country project, photographing some of the best tailgate parties US collegiate football has to offer. I was hooked out first sight.

Fast forward to last week… I was pleasantly surprised when Taylor contacted me to review his first book release, PHOTOGRAPHING FOOD. Needless to say, I was more than pleased to wholeheartedly agree to do so.

What you’ll find in PHOTOGRAPHING FOOD

  • First, outstanding book design. For a first edition, Taylor hit it out of the park. Well done!
  • Easy to follow steps on capturing stunning food photography
  • Creating beautiful light for your images
  • Several FUN examples, with step by step instructions (set-up and lighting) on how each image was photographed
  • Much more! 

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Download your copy of newly released PHOTOGRAPHING FOOD  - only $5.00(US)

Regardless of your experience or skil level, there is something for everyone in PHOTOGRAPHING FOOD. This issue is available as a downloadable PDF and formatted to display beautifully on your computer, iPad or iPhone.

About Author - PHOTOGRAPHING FOOD is written and shot by Taylor Mathis, a lifestyle and food photographer based in Charlotte, NC. He blogs about food and food photography on Taylor Takes A Taste and is owner of Taylor Mathis Photography.

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