Photographer Interview Series – Robert Castagna

Welcome to Robert Castagna, the featured photographer in the fourth installment of our Photographer Interview Series. Robert Castagna is an artist and photographer based out of Boston. His photographs are represented by Rolly-Michaux Gallery. His website is

What inspires your work?
It is about seeing things uniquely. Shadow-play, shallow depth-of-field, patterns and geometry are the main tools that I use to abstract imagery from my environment. I use the viewfinder as a medium for isolation on the two-dimensional plane and the aperture as a means of abstracting on the depth-dimension.

What’s more important – technique or vision?
Vision. Vision guides the technique. The muse is always the creative idea and the technique follows. Because I consider myself an abstractionist, one of the most important techniques is depth-of-field. I shoot almost always in aperture priority mode.

What artists/photographers have influenced you?
Henri Cartier Bresson because of his ability to capture decisive moments candidly. His entire philosophy was embedded in his procedure and creativity. In addition Georgia O’Keefe, who was incidentally married to one of the founders of art photography Alfred Stieglitz. Her stunning abstractions influence my work.

What’s the most important aspect of putting on a large exhibition?
A cohesive theme. In my most recent body of work entitled L’ Ombra dell’ Italia (The Shadow of Italy) the motif was shadow. This theme tied everything together. One wants a show to be cohesive, tight and well orchestrated. The photographer putting on a show wants the viewer to know that he thought about what he was showing. That he has an inspiration and has something to say besides just a beautiful picture.

What does the future hold?
My first solo museum show will be in 2011 at The Art Complex Museum. There I’ll be revisiting my Kyoto body of work. Other than that I’m always working new creative ideas and experimenting.

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