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This photoblog began on May 3, 2005 as a place to post photos from my developing hobby. I have posted a photo here every day since then. Prior to this blog I had a photo-a-week on a different website. The name of the site came from a conversation with my girlfriend fiance wife. I don’t remember the conversation exactly but it had something to do with entropy. Interesting, right? Photoentropy is run on Movable Type 3.36 with some customizations and plugins. I’ve tried out other content management systems but have never made the switch. I really love Movable Type even though it has some limitations, and at this point there would be so much content to move over that it isn’t worth it.

John Schroeder (me)

I began in Minnesota in the early 1980s. Now I live in the Chicago area. I travel back to Minnesota at least once a year. I often go see family in Arizona as well.

Photoentropy | John Schroeder | Chicago Photographer

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