Philadelphia Street Photography | D.G. Oakhill

Philadelphia Street Photography | D.G. Oakhill

block party photos

“Photography became a passion for me while I was studying Architecture. At the time, I was using a 35mm point and shoot film camera, to document project sites for my design class. The idea was that once you had enough shots, you’d waste the rest of the roll in order to get the images developed immediately (1 hour was immediate). As time went on it would take me longer and longer to “waste” the rest of the roll. I found myself composing shots and taking chances for fun, because well, these was no reason not to. It beat the hell out of pointing the camera at the ground and firing off 10 or 12 shots.”

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“I was able to use a free elective in my courses to take a beginner photography class. This allowed me to learn more about photography, but more importantly, gave me an excuse to use my parent’s credit card to buy my first SLR. The photography class was structured around Architecture (go figure) with a smattering of studio work. I, however, could give a shit about shooting buildings, let’s face it, inmost cases it wasn’t like the building was going anywhere. So, I spent most of my time shooting people walking around in front of the buildings. Fortunately, my photographer professor was cool with my approach and he gave me enough rope to hang myself. He showed me work by people like Walker Evans, Lee Friedlander, Garry Winogrand, HCB, etc. I was hooked.”
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“I live in Philadelphia, but will be most likely moving to the ‘burbs within the year, so this is my last chance to take advantage of my urban environment. Most of the streets will be of the street photography variety, but I’m sure a couple of my son and future son/daughter will no doubt find their way in at some point.

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4 thoughts on “Philadelphia Street Photography | D.G. Oakhill

  1. The pictures are great, especially as I love pictures in black and white. I can imagine how the first picture would look in colour as it´s a modern everyday scene, and it would be neary a complete different picture, just because of the colours.

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