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Paz’s New York Minute Photography Blog..If you enjoy NYC street photography, this one is definitely bookmark worthy. This site is a wonderful example of an “Accidental NYC photographer”..great story! Here is a just a bit of how his whole photography journey began…

“Not long after I started my food blog in August 2005, a reader left a comment saying that she fell in love with New York after a visit and begged me to post pictures of the city. Initially, I balked at the idea. It was supposed to strictly be a FOOD blog. Besides, I knew next to nothing about taking pictures and I wasn’t sure what I could find interesting. But this woman was persistent.

“Please, please, take a picture of anything in the city for me and post it. Even a tree!”

Because I didn’t know much about photography – I confess I ought to read the manual that came with my camera soon! – and I was still learning how to photograph food, I was hesitant to post anything unrelated to my blog’s theme. At the same time, I didn’t want to say no, so I posted a few photos of a neighborhood in Harlem (it included a lot of trees) that elicited interesting reactions from some of my readers. Except from the woman who initially asked me to do this. She soon stopped visiting my blog altogether! At first, I was relieved; I returned to my focus on food. And I stopped posting the city photos.

I guess other readers, especially those who don’t live in New York, wanted to see more of the city because it wasn’t long before they asked for more NY photos. So I resurrected my New York Monday photos. Over the course of a year…” more “About Paz

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