Pat O’Brien Photo


Pat O’Brien Photo

“My name is Pat O’Brien and I am an aspiring photographer. It is not my full time job, but it is my full time hobby. I enjoy photographing all kinds of subjects – from landscapes to people. It’s what allows me to be creative.

I first picked up a camera when I was young, and enjoyed taking “pointless” photos. It wasn’t until I got my first digital camera that I really enjoyed photographing everything. Mostly because the digital images were “free”, and I saved a lot of money not having to develop film.

I was in the Army National Guard from 1999 to 2003. My job was Military Police. My unit commander wanted to get unit information out into the public more and he knew I had an interest in photography. So the decision was made to send me to an Army Public Relations class focusing on photography and military photojournalism. The course was only 2 days, but I had walked away feeling more confident about being able to tell a story with my images. It was this class that really was the beginning of my interest to learn more, and do more with photography.

The purpose for this site is to share ideas I have, or articles I’ve seen on the internet, with others. Some of it may be redundant or pointless, but we can’t collaborate if we don’t communicate.”

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