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New York Yankee Mickey Mantle photo by Neil Leifer

New York Yankee Mickey Mantle photo by Neil Leifer

Talk about an impressive sports photography portfolio! Photographer Neil Leifer’s body of work boasts one of the most extensive collections of iconic sports images I have ever had the priviledge to review. From football great Jim Brown, boxing champ Muhammad Ali, basketball legend Dr.J (Julius Erving for the younger folks) and so much more.

Neil Leifer has put together a wonderful site for viewers to witness and purchase some of the greatest sports events in the past 50 years. Any of these images would make a great addition to your desk, office or den.

Neil Leifer Biography

NEIL LEIFER’s photography career has spanned over 50 years since becoming a professional while still in his teens. Beginning in 1960, his pictures regularly appeared in every major national magazine, including the Saturday Evening Post, Look, LIFE, Newsweek, Time and, most often, Sports Illustrated.

Leifer has traveled all over the world on sports assignments. He has photographed 16 Olympic Games (7 winter and 9 summer), 4 FIFA World Cups, 15 Kentucky Derbies, countless World Series games, the first 12 Super Bowls and every important heavyweight title fight since Floyd Patterson beat Ingemar Johansson to regain the title in 1960. He has photographed his favorite subject, Muhammad Ali, on almost 60 different occasions—covering his biggest fights and over 30 one-on-one studio sessions.

While Neil Leifer is now a full-time filmmaker, producer and director; there is a very good chance that you’ll spot him, camera in hand, at any big championship fight. “Boxing” says Leifer “is the one sport I still love shooting.”

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