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My name is Musa Chowdhury and I live in Manchester, England.

Although I love all types of photography, my real passion is for natural landscapes and travel photography; it’s my way of showing appreciation for this magnificent planet we live in. I envisage travel photography as encapsulating mood, culture, poverty, prosperity and emotions which adds to the richness in the world of photography.

I use different treatment techniques during post processing phase, which allows me to be creative and achieve a look that is appealing to my eyes at that moment in time. I view both photography and processing a logical extension and a way of further expressing my work. The main software tools i use during the post porcessing phase are Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Adobe Lightroom 2.

I can’t kick a ball straight so I don’t like footy much instead my hobbies include fitness training, cycling and swimming….musa chowdhury photos

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