Matthew Ratajczak Photography


Matthew Ratajczak Photography

Matthew Ratajczak is a photographer based in south eastern Pennsylvania specializing in portraiture and reportage-style photography.

Before picking up a camera and embarking on a life in photography, Matthew attended music school in Hollywood, California, where he studied the bass, playing every waking hour until his fingers bled or cramped, which ever came first.

After his brief, yet eye-opening experience in Hollywood, Matthew bought a cheap 35mm camera, started taking photographs of everything and then spent a couple years studying photography at the local community college in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Itching for a change of scenery and new experiences, he finally moved out of his parents home, for the second time, and headed for Missouri to study photojournalism at the University of Missouri where he eventually received his degree.

Matthew started his professional career as a newspaper staff photographer working at papers on both coasts of south Florida where he was honored with several industry awards over the years. He applies the various skills gained over the years in the newspaper business to his freelance career.

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