Marta Rocks

marta barcelo photo,created by photographer Marta Barceló, is a tremendous collection of portraits and landscapes…full of vibrant colours and striking imagery…I am a firm believer that it is very difficult for a photographer to be great at both capturing emotion evoking portraiture and timeless landscapes..however, Marta clearly displays this rare ability…Marta writes, “I’ve been taking pictures since I can remember, but I got my first SLR camera back in ’98 (A Nikon F70). I made the switch to digital in 2004 with a Nikon D70 and currently I mostly use a Nikon D200. Photography is a hobby but I also do it for work related projects. I pretty much take pictures of everything trying to save those special moments, details, colors, lights, situations and places from the world around me. Sometimes it works out better than others :) You can find a mix of my pictures on this photoblog, mostly children portraits and landscape shots but not only that.”

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8 thoughts on “Marta Rocks

  1. yes marta is just amazing.. and quite a key player in the world of photoblogs… i always go to her blog… nice short review… some amazing landscapes by her i think…

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