Mardi Gras Photo Contest

I’m sure many of you have enjoyed the celebration that is Mardi Gras and have many pictures to show for it. Well, aside from the ones you never want published, here’s a great photo contest to show off your favorite pictures of Costumes of Mardi Gras Past.

mardi gras costume photos

(c) 2011 - Photo by Larry Johnson

One month until Mardi Gras 2011 and many of you are no doubt already working on your costumes for this year. As we wait in anticipation to wear our new creations, let’s take a look back at years past.

This month, submit pictures of your favorite Mardi Gras costume from any year, or share a photo you took of someone else’s costume that took your breath away. New Orleans is full of creative geniuses who make get-ups for any occasion, requiring most in the city to have a closet devoted to costumes.

Let’s see what you came up with in Mardi Gras past, and maybe your pictures will inspire others who still need a costume idea. Good luck!

We’ll take submissions for this contest until midnight Monday, Feb. 28.

We’ll feature some of the best pictures on, and the winner at the end of the month will receive an 8″ x 12″ print of your photo, ready for framing.

Be sure to submit your photos via the submission form HERE to be counted in the contest. Send as many photos as you’d like – the more the merrier!

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