London Photographer Hugh O’Malley | Beauty and Fashion

sexy fashion model hugh o'malley photographyFashion photographer Hugh O’ Malley has quickly developed a tremendous following in beauty photography circles. His career path change from the world of IT to fashion photography has proven to be a wise one…“Originally from Ireland, I’ve been working in the UK for a number of years now and I am based in Hackney, London where I run my studio. My career began in IT – specifically as an engineer working on graphics and games software – and while on a break, traveling throughout Asia for a few months, I became engrossed in photography and decided to return to university to study photography within a fine art context. A few years later, I graduated from Chelsea College of Art and gravitated towards fashion photography, spending another couple of years working as an assistant and in studios throughout London before deciding to start out on my own.”

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4 thoughts on “London Photographer Hugh O’Malley | Beauty and Fashion

  1. He shot some of my first images when i was starting out as a model… I really enjoyed working with him and the shots he took were truly amazing. I didn’t know i could look so beautiful. I will work with him again if i get the chance.

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