Landscape photographer, Ohio based, Kim Parsell – May 07, 2008

Welcome to landscape photographer/Ohio native, Kim Parsell , our featured photographer of the day. Kim has been shooting landscapes for over twenty years, and has amassed a tremendous body of work.

Most of the images were taken either at my farm or the surrounding area over the past few years. I am very partial to sunrises and sunsets, but there are also some scenic shots, as well as images of the wildlife that happens to wander into my yard from time to time. I will also be including images from interesting places in this area, or places that I’ve traveled to.

I’m self-taught, and have done extensive research, gleaning helpful information from everything I’ve read. But the best teacher, for me, has been pure experience – take the camera out the door and see what the world has to offer me that day, then shoot. Some images have turned out great, some okay, and some got filed away, never to be looked at again. But I learned something each time that hopefully will improve the shots I take the next time I go out.

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