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I am a 25 year old photographer born and raised in South Plainfield, a suburban town in Central New Jersey. I am obsessed with oceans, tides, and New Jersey shore towns. I often wake up in the middle of the night and drive several hours to watch the sun rise on my favorite beaches – there is no better way to start a day.

I guess you could say I’m at an odd point in my life. I find myself trying to grow up without selling out, to become a man without growing old, and to make a living without sacrificing my ideals. I hate calling myself an artist, there are several things about that label that I take issue with. I’m sort of an “anti-art” artist, if that makes any sense. In the last few years I’ve really grown weary of pretentious photographers who are more interested in socializing and ego-stroking than they are with actually creating images or artworks that actually mean something to someone….

I’ve been at this whole photography thing for almost 10 years now, and I plan to keep on doing it until the day that I die. I don’t often have “gallery openings” and I’ve never been “published”, but that’s the way I like it. To me, this whole thing isn’t a race or a contest. I’m not jockeying for social status or praise. I’m simply doing something that makes me happy, and if anyone on the outside is enjoying it as well then my job here is done.

I spent many years as a Nikon digital shooter, but just last year made the switch to Canon (and couldn’t be happier!). I’m currently shooting with a Canon 5D and a 24-70mm L lens. I also own a pretty nice Alien Bees studio lighting setup, but very rarely use it…justin gaynor photography

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