A Journey of Photographic Exploration – Nico’s Nikon

chicago based photographer“Well my story starts in Chicago, IL where I attended college at Columbia College. I learned how to shoot on an old Pentax K1000, and like all other young photographers, thought to buy a high zoom lens and flash, I shot and my love for darkroom film photography grew and grew. I lived on the south side of Chicago where mother and I owned a building filled with half section 8 tenants inherited from the previous landlord. Unfortunately they were disgruntled enough to break into my apartment and stole all of my photo equipment. After this we sold the building and I didn’t shoot for 3 years.

During this recent deployment I met a friend and fellow soldiers, family, while in Poland and I had been shooting with a Panasonic Lumix.

The cousin traded me my point and shoot for her Nikon D5000 which I took into Afghanistan and began shooting as a method to cope with stress and take my mind off of things. upon my return I wanted to share the experiences that I had as a soldier and also the experience of falling back in love with photography.”

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