Intimate Photography by Oni Studio

Oni Studio is a portrait photography studio specializing in intimate photography, featuring  glamour and boudoir style imagery, and is run by Victoria Meadows and husband James. This intimate photography studio is based in the Oak Harbor and Whidbey Island area.

bellingham boudoir photography

“We never planned to have a photo studio. Yes, we liked taking pictures, but never thought much of it. That is until we got stationed in Whidbey Island, Washington. There is not much more to do here besides camping and hiking, and I am a city kinda gal!”

washington boudoir photographer

“My husband’s first job in the Navy had been a photographer and he suggested we try out photography as a hobby. We started out by inviting friends over to the house to practice different lighting techniques and posing. When we look at those photos today we cringe, but back then we thought they were great!”

bare back boudoir photography

“My husband and I have different set of skills that work perfectly together. I am a shooter and he is the editor. We collaborate on everything, starting with ideas, wardrobe, lighting and post production. As we practiced, read photo books, and took certificate courses, our photos became much better.”

seattle boudoir photography

“The crazy ideas I had in my head could actually be brought to life, and we started posting our work on sites like ModelMayhem and DeviantArt. There is a sexy/deviant vibe to most of our work and it quickly became popular.  And even though we do classic portraits as well, fantasy photography is just a lot more fun!”

whidbey island intimate photography

“We all have that inner creature and I love being the one it comes out to play with.  We hope you like the work we produce and if you ever find yourself in Washington state don’t hesitate to give us a call for your own shoot!”

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