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Looking to finally make money from all the images you shoot? Learn how to sell your photos in easy steps. I have (2) great books I’d like to recommend today that will open your eyes to the many possibilities available to you. While starting and operating a traditional photography studio can be a very rewarding experience, there are additional ways to monetize your photographic skills to supplement your existing business or create a whole new revenue stream.

When I worked as a photographer for a government agency, I took images from 9-5 based on the requirements of the job. However, in my free time, I photographed subjects that I appealed to me. There was no plan for marketing these images, it was just something I enjoyed doing. By chance, I got my hands on a copy of The Photographer’s Market and had a whole new perspective on my “part time” photography. After taking time to read through some of the guidance provided, I put together a few short term goals. My first goal – getting published…anywhere.

While my works had been published numerous times before, the photographs were always related to a job or assignment. My real passion was shooting coastal landscapes, but I didn’t want to invest in having a booth at a show or gallery exhibit to sell them. By using the resources listed below, I was able to find magazines interested in the type of work I enjoyed taking. What a great experience it was…first, to reach my initial goal of having my landscapes published, but also to establish a relationship with photo editor’s for future contributions and sales.

My advice is to be realistic from the start. There is a wide variety of companies looking for images. If you are just starting out, I would suggest researching small circulation publications looking for new photographers. You would be surprised at the number of start-up companies willing to work with you. Smaller companies have yes, small budgets, however, your chances of getting a foot in the door with them is greatly increased. Besides the benefits of selling your work, this experience will boost your confidence that you can actually get paid for doing something you really love, teach you how to craft a great portfolio, and finally, you will take these lessons learned to go after the “bigger fish”.

2010 Photographers Market


2010 Photographer’s Market. I have been purchasing this book every few years for the past 20 years. The 2010 edition is the 33rd edition. The Photographer’s Market is a tremendous resource to inspire just about any photographer, contains over 600 pages (619 to be exact), and features over 1500 market listings. What types of market listings are featured? The Photographer’s Market has direct contact information and photo requirements for magazines, book publishers, and stock agencies from around the world. The material is broken down into categories and sections to help you focus in on the markets that interest you. After you have taken the time to thoroughly define your market…put your plan into action.

stock photography tips


How to Sell Stock Photos – The eBook. Much has been written about how to make money shooting stock photography, but many photographers fail to understand how to shoot images that actually sell. How to Sell Stock Photos is a great resource to get you headed in the right direction. Stock photography is often misrepresented as to who the actual buyers really are. The growth of the Internet, along with the explosion of desktop publishing has created a tremendous demand for licensed images. While many photographers are aware of some of the larger stock houses like Getty or Corbis, the microstock industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Who is buying images from microstock companies? In many cases, it’s people like you and me, that need photos for a upcoming presentation, small businesses with limited budgets, and even larger companies looking for great value based photography. Learn what great stock photography is all about, and how you, too, can get involved in this lucrative market.

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  1. I’ve actually just received my copy of the Photographers Market Handbook and I’m working through it at the moment highlighting all the possibilities.

    I’m hoping to get some of them contacted over the next few weeks. It does all feel like hard work at the moment, but I’m hoping it’ll pay off in the long run!

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