Happy New Year – Looking back and moving on

Happy New Year to everyone….and welcome 2010! Before I officially close the door on 2009, I wanted to take a moment to thank all the readers which continue to support our site!

We experienced a 281% increase in traffic for 2009 versus 2008, page views tripled, and our bounce rate for the last quarter was 2.33%!

Since focusing on consistent daily postings back in October, our email subscriptions have doubled. User submitted photoblogs continue to be the largest resource for our daily postings, so keep them coming…received over 2500 photoblog suggestions during 2009.

This year we are seeking a way to better display all the photoblogs which have been featured here. How do you organize over 2000 photoblogs? Lists? Tag clouds?..If you have any suggestion, I would love to hear them…

Keep shooting and sharing your photoblogs with us!

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