Hanoi based photographer Thomas Jeppesen


Hanoi based photographer Thomas Jeppesen

“This is my photoblog, made during the last 5 years, I’ve been living in Hanoi, Vietnam. It’s mainly black and white images, depicting the people and places, that has made the stay so interesting to me. Most pictures are taken on weekly motorcycle trips to the countryside around Hanoi, which is like a trip 50 years back in time, and where all the friendly faces just jump at you.”

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10 thoughts on “Hanoi based photographer Thomas Jeppesen

  1. Great Pictures… lots of emotions shared without a word, everything we want from a great picture. Hopefully our photographic road will cross in Hanoi where I live and photoshoot too..

  2. Thank you all for your nice comments! I really happy you like them!

    @Alain: Do you have a gallery somewhere? I don’t really hang with the various photocommunities here, due to lack of time … Do you? Any you can recommend?

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