Friday Wrap-up – Photography News

kate moss glamour photoHere’s a wrap-up of photography stories in the news this Friday.

  • Glamour on overdrive in Mario Testino photos at the MFA - With great fanfare, the Museum of Fine Arts opens two photography shows this weekend. “Mario Testino: In Your Face” runs through Feb. 3, and Testino’s “British Royal Portraits” through June 16. Both shows are open to MFA members Friday and Saturday before opening to the general public Sunday. read more at BostonGlobe
  • A Photographer and a Prayer - When the Rev. Don Doll arrived on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation in South Dakota in 1962, he was an earnest 24-year-old Jesuit who had joined the order straight out of a Milwaukee High School….read more at NYTimes
  • Pictures of the Day: Greece and Elsewhere  
  • Coming to Terms With the Legacy of War - Spin the globe, point your finger and stop it cold. Odds are you’ve landed on a country that has, at one time or another, seen armed conflict or all-out war. Think Afghanistan, Iraq, the United States, Sudan, Israel, Colombia and Sri Lanka, to name a recent few. As each new conflict unfolds….read more at NYTimes
  • Photography opens up doors for Port Orange resident  – The local photographer’s work has been featured in local and national media, with JPG Magazine and regional Nikon websites among his credits. He won a photography competition … read more at
  • Stock Photography Can Your Business: 6 Tips To Finding and Using The Right Images - With the rise of internet, there has been a veritable explosion in terms of availability of stock photographs online. You can actually get lost amidst all the multitude of websites that offer stock photos…read more at Business Insider.
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