Framed and Shot – Oslo based photographers Golding-Schjerverud


Framed and Shot – Oslo based photographers Randi Golding and Knut Schjerverud

“We are a couple who enjoy photography together. We are Norwegians, living on the west coast of Norway, but started this blog while we were living in Houston. We live and travel together, and when it comes to photography, we often work on the same project or idea: seeing the motif, testing different angles, holding the flash for each other, etc. We have two cameras that at we both use. All our pictures are copyrighted to us both, because: In the end – who is the artist? The person seeing the subject or the person pressing the shutter or the person seeing the good crop in an average frame or the person doing the PS work? We both take photos in all categories. We will split 50/50 of the portfolio but leave the mystery….”

“Our photo blog is created for the purpose of learning and sharing, so please make a comment – your opinion of the photo and your suggestion about what would have made the photo better, is always appreciated. We will be able to read and understand comment in English, Norwegian, Spanish, German – and of course the related Nordic languages.”

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4 thoughts on “Framed and Shot – Oslo based photographers Golding-Schjerverud

  1. Thanks for promoting our photos! We have rebuild the webpage – and moved again. Now we are based in Angola, Africa. Have a look at our new photos and new design and please let us know what you think! Thanks again! Best from Randi & Knut,

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