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I live in Los Angeles, have an adorable mini-poodle with issues, love micro-brewed beer, indie flicks, good music and sushi. My background as a photographer is based in photojournalism and documentary photography. In keeping with my photojournalism roots, when I shoot I’m going for real moments that reflect your wedding. Think of me as a sensitive chameleon: I blend in and respond appropriately to what is going on….michael andrews photography

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My photography is all done on location. I work with my clients to choose a location that suits their family and will provide a great background for the pictures. My style is a combination of photojournalism and creative portraiture. I love to capture natural expressions along with documenting life at that specific moment. Whether it’s being silly, serious, blowing out the candles or walking down the isle. My goal is to capture pictures you will look back on and smile!…jennifer langdon photography

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THINGS ABOUT ME–I live in New York City—I was Ralph Lauren’s staff photographer for several years—I’ve been rewatching old Coppola films lately—I once photographed Neil Armstrong’s space suit—When nobody was looking, I tried it on—My photos are often funny, but I’m serious about my work—I highly recommend the Khao Pad Sabparno at Lime Leaf—A photo editor once called my photos “weird”—I don’t think they’re my photos are that weird—I write a blog about photography called DFP:BLOG—I have another, more offbeat blog called Ironic Sansdavid friedman photography

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We specialize in photographing high end weddings and interesting people. Despite living in a digital age, we primarily shoot with film because its natural look allows us to stand out. This past year we traveled to Charleston, South Africa, New York and Las Vegas among others. However, the A Bryan Photo studio is located in Birmingham, Alabama, and it provides a great place for our team to perfect our craft and meet with clients.

We are excited about the new features of this site, which was beautifully crafted by Machstic. The site will allow our clients to enjoy more of their images and provide a platform for our entire catalogue of work. Although our new site is comprehensive, you can see our work featured in PDN’s Top Knots, and we were also selected as a member of Grace Ormonde’s Wedding Style’s Platinum List…a bryan photo blog

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