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After 1000 posts, FogBay creator Ramsey decides to call it a day…

First post

baker beach

Bridge View, Baker Beach
This being a San Francisco photo blog I am require by law to start with a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge, this time as seen from Baker Beach. For those interested, part of Baker Beach, under the cliffs and nearest the bridge, is clothing optional.
[ MAP B-6 ]

Last post

golden gate bridge at night

The End of FogBay
I will end FogBay the way I began it, with a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is remarkable to think that after its construction in 1937, many locals thought the bridge to be an eyesore. It was San Francisco photographer Ansel Adams who helped change public opinion when he announced that he felt the bridge actually enhanced the Golden Gate landscape. The story of a local photographer helping others to see the beauty of the San Francisco Bay seems a fitting way with which to conclude FogBay.


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4 thoughts on “Fogbay | The San Francisco Bay Area As I See It

  1. What a shame! I have gained some great advise through this website, even bought my beloved camera with one of your recomendations… If you start up another blog please let us all know!

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