Fine Art Photography by Howard Grill


Fine Art Photography by Howard Grill

Born in 1958, Howard developed an interest in photography at a young age and asked (well, demanded) a camera and a basic black and white darkroom setup as his grade school graduation present.  Armed with a Beseler Topcon SLR (which he still owns) and  various pieces of darkroom equipment he proceeded to take over his family’s basement and could frequently be found popping open 35mm film canisters in a darkened linen closet.

Fishing on pond at sunrise

Following a period of incessant photographing in high school, his photography took a long hiatus while he attended various institutions of higher learning, emerging in 1990 as an interventional cardiologist.

In 2003 Howard rediscovered his passion for photography, which has become an important part of his life and mode of self-expression.  His only regret is having put the camera down for so long a period of time.


A self-taught photographer, since 2003 Howard Grill has attended multiple photographic workshops and converted over from the wet darkroom to digital imaging processes.

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