Fashion Photographer – Ralph Lemarechal –

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“I’m a French photographer that decided to live abroad to expand my horizons and I am now based in Amsterdam but travel on a regular basis for specific projects

This is a very small sample of the pictures I have taken so far. Also, I have post-processed some of them as a way to express my own style – but always provide magazines and publishers pictures suitable to them.

As much as possible, I do like to meet the model before the actual shoot. This allows both parties to ‘break the ice’ and ensure we agree on the details of the project. ….

PR/Fashion/Editorial: From Catwalk/Runway to editorial, I will be able to contribute to your project. But my work is not limited to that…. I have experience shooting the best DJ’s in the world, worked to produce commissioned travel pictures and love to do ‘reportage’ and social photography. Sometimes the rest is as important as your main focus …”

Fashion Photographer – Ralph Lemarechal –

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  1. I really love the photos you have shared on this post. It seems to be very interesting, in a way that this gives ideas on what is the latest trend in fashion.

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