Fashion Photography Friday

If you like fashion photography, you’ll love this collection of fashion photography blogs. In this post, we have tried to include sites which cover the field of fashion photography versus individual photographers, which we showcase on a daily basis. Enjoy!


Fashiontography is a place where I share my finds of captivating fashion photography.

Fashion Photography Blog

Fashion Photography Blog.This blog is presented for two different reasons. First, I aim to educate those photographers who are looking for inside instruction on lighting, directing and casting. I have tutorials that will take the viewer with me on fashion shoots where I will discuss topics from directing hair and make up artists to showing you, the viewer, how to create an edge light. I will continually write blogs on techniques ranging from background lighting to shooting editorial vs. commercial. The subject matter is vast and I intend to cover as much as I can. The second reason I am writing this blog is to give the reader an inside peek of the lifestyle of a fashion photographer. Is it as glamorous as the media depicts? I will let you be the judge.


How to become a fashion The guide to all things chic.


Our goal is to give exposure to Flickr’s best fashion photographers and inspire our visitors. All photos on Flickrista are selected by our editor, Andreas Climent.

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