Fashion Photography Artistry by Antonio Manzone

fashion-photography-antonio-manzoneThe beautiful fashion photography portfolio of Antonio Manzone photographer“I was born in Lecce in 1971. I’ve been passionate about photography since when I was 13. When I was 24 and was studying Economics at university, I met my current business partner and great friend Corrado, with whom I gave birth to Photografika Studio in 1995 in Lecce.
To me photography is something more than just expression, it is a privilege: taking pictures you capture and share the unforgettable emotions of life. In the recent few years I’ve moved my attention to advertising and fashion photography and now I’m investing all my time and energy into this new direction!”

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4 thoughts on “Fashion Photography Artistry by Antonio Manzone

  1. I like black-white photos. They are more alive then colours ones. They allow to feel whole depth of the picture. Somehow I also took pictures.. make photographies.. but it will not become my prefered hobby… just like a step in my past young life. :) Good luck to you making your photos!

  2. Black and White photos also appeal to me. I even used B&W fashion photos as book covers, over black colored paper, when I was just schooling. Those photos are like the one in here.

    I also got interested with photography and was a member of a Photography Club. It is a passion that I didn’t get to pursue, but I admire those who are really good at it. Good for you that you get to do what really inspires you.

  3. I like B&W photos because they make you use your IMAGINATION. And that is good because a lot of the times when you use your imagination, you make things as you want them to be.

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