Fashion and Swimwear Photography | Digital Halide | Dominik Muench

Fashion, Glamour and Swimwear Photography by Dominik Muench

The reason why I started this blog is because I live away from my family and friends and I visit a lot of interesting places. That way, they have a possibility to find out what I am up to all year around.

My main profession is cinematography and I work as a glamour/ fashion photographer between projects. Which is quite different from travel and candid photography. So please don’t expect my pictures to be anything special. I am NOT an artist and i don’t intend to create Art… In my opinion artistry begins when you don’t have to worry about the technical side of your work process anymore…..and I am far from that stage.

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4 thoughts on “Fashion and Swimwear Photography | Digital Halide | Dominik Muench

  1. what I love the most about your photos is that they are crisp and not just airbrushed, making the models look plastic. The use of light lends to a majical result.

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