Top New York City Street Photography Blogs

moma-window-silhouette joe's new york city photographyTop New York City Street Photography blogs are very popular, but it’s hard to find one location where they all reside. With this post, I am listing some of my favorites. I’m sure I’ve overlooked several great New York City street photographers, so this is where you come in! If you have a favorite, kindly leave it at the end of this post so we can compile a tremendous list for others to enjoy. The photographers or photo blogs are listed in no particular order. Hope you enjoy and please contribute to the list if you can.

Supercharge Your Photography Website

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Keyboard Shortcuts

I have way too many photography site bookmarks…but here’s one you’ll probably want to save …adobe photoshop keyboard shortcuts.

Fashion Photography Poses: 13 Amazing Examples by Vincent Boiteau

Amazing Fashion Photography Poses can be quite breath taking when properly executed. Here are 13 excellent shots by fashion photographer Vincent Boiteau to get you motivated.

Also check out these great fashion photography books!

Fashion Photography by Vincent Boiteau - Used a 100 x 100 softbox as main then the 70 x 70 straight in her back.

Photo by Vincent Boiteau - “..Used a 100 x 100 softbox as main then the 70 x 70 straight in her back.”

Fashion Photography by Vincent Boiteau

Photo by Vincent Boiteau

Fashion Photography by Vincent Boiteau

Photo by Vincent Boiteau

Fashion Photography by Vincent Boiteau

Photo by Vincent Boiteau – “This was my first job with make-up artist: Eva and i must say, that was my first commercial beauty shot and the client was quite happy.”

Fashion Photography by Vincent Boiteau

Photo by Vincent Boiteau – Clothing by Custo Barcelona, a lovely local clothing designer

Fashion Photography by Vincent Boiteau

Photo by Vincent Boiteau – “..I went for a more conservative post treatment on this one given that the POV/framing is a bit odd, didn´t want to lay it on too thick!”

Fashion Photography by Vincent Boiteau

Photo by Vincent Boiteau -“This was the last shot with Sarah and Octavio decided to let her hair down, lovely idea indeed, it was getting cold and i had to head to the Custo Barcelona showroom in the fashion district of LA, a nice 20 miles of rush hour freeway in perspective. So it was really improvised.”

Fashion Photography by Vincent Boiteau

Photo by Vincent Boiteau - “…this dress just fits sarah like a gloves don’t it! I really miss california for shooting, there are so many locations, not like here in europe where it’s all busy and there are buildings everywhere.”

Fashion Photography by Vincent Boiteau

Photo by Vincent Boiteau

Fashion Photography by Vincent Boiteau

Photo by Vincent Boiteau -“Claire gave me several great poses here, very sensual but not dirty, she comes out very elegant and the wind really did the rest. This was, again, at the forum, that bridge to nowhere. Amazing light and so i boosted the yellow, it’s not the end of summer yet in Barcelona.”

Fashion Photography by Vincent Boiteau

Photo by Vincent Boiteau – “Better you don’t ask what this shoot was for but hey, you don’t choose your clients, they choose you. So we (baby) oiled up the models, well, the make-up artists did (can’t win all the time!) and i set up the lights.”

Fashion Photography by Vincent Boiteau

Photo by Vincent Boiteau -“Here it’s more of the black and white, with a single hard light you can do some kool stuff…”

Fashion Photography by Vincent Boiteau

Photo by Vincent Boiteau -“…summer’s here boys and girls!”

Learn how to take these kinds of Fashion Images:

Posing 101 For Photographers and Models

great_model_photoWhether you want to become a professional photographer or model, learning the basics of posing are a must. Proper posing techniques should not only compliment the model’s body, but also be appropriate for the type of portrait and the intended use of the resulting photographs.

During a portrait session, the photographer is expected to have knowledge on proper posing techniques and to lead or direct the model for the poses wanted. While a subject may or may not have a great deal of experience modeling, it is up to the photographer to be able to understand and articulate the poses desired.

Photography Posing Secrets: A Resource For Posing A Model For The Camera

When just getting started photographing models, you will experience a great deal of trial and error. Many professional portrait photographers learned their craft through this method, as well as working with established professionals. One technique that has proven highly success for many photographers is to start by emulating the works of other seasoned photographers. While not copying, per se, the idea is to look at how other photographers have tackled similar subjects and learn from their techniques. Many photographers compile a “swipe file” or collection of images they like and study every aspect of the photographs…positioning of the head, what to do with the hands, how are the legs bents, where the toes are pointed, etc..I have found the use of the swipe file to be a highly effective training tool.

Review these great books on Fashion Photography
In addition to mastering posting techniques, variety is not only the spice of life, but also of a portfolio. Experimenting with a wide range of poses will give you more opportunities to creating the perfect photograph of your model. One great pose does not work for every model.

There are many books on the topic of model posing, many of which can be found in your local library or readily available online.

Here are some excellent sites on posing techniques:

Benji’s Studio Lighting and Posing Tutorial

Professional Posing Techniques for Wedding and Portrait Photographers

The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography

Photographing a Beauty Headshot

Posing Techniques for Photographing Model Portfolios

How I Got on the Front Page of Google and Yahoo

Learn to develop a high ranking website and dramatically grow your Internet traffic. While I admit to reading every blog possible on SEO, I’d like to reveal how I was able to get on the front page of Google and Yahoo in a short period of time.

SEO doesn’t happen overnight. If you think the following information will get you a top ranking in less than 7 days, you can stop reading now. SEO and growing your search engine rankings doesn’t happen over night. However, there are methods you can use to dramatically cut down on the time it takes to get your site noticed.

Defining your target audience. When I first started this blog, my main interest was creating quality content on photo blogs and photography so I could grow an audience of repeat visitors. While I understood that linked to top rated blogs helps greatly for SEO tactics, I also knew from experience that there are many great blogs were lower rating created by people very passionate about photo blogs. By reaching out to this community, I hoped together, we could spread the word about this site. So this is the market I targeted…passionate photographers, regardless of rank, who loved talking about their work and sharing it with others.

Defining your target keywords. We all read a lot about keywords. Without going too far down this dry topic, defining your target keywords is one of the most important things you will need to do to expect any results! What are keywords? Simply put, these are the words your potential audience uses to search topics related to any subject matter. In my case, some of my selected keywords include photo blog reviews, photo blog review, awesome photography blogs, and photography blogs. Listed below are snapshots of just a few of the search engine results I currently experience:

awesome-photography-blogs-google-search4photo-blog-reviews-google-search2There are many more examples I could provide, but you get the idea. Spending the time to focus on YOUR specific keywords can help tremendously in driving traffic to your site. Linking to other sites or stories is very useful, but search engine traffic is key.

You must ask yourself, what keywords or keyword phrases best define my niche? …and then write them down and start to research how competitive each of your entries are in the marketplace. I admit to being a spreadsheet junkie, but also had a hard time keeping up with all the data. I hated to throw up my hands and acknowledge I needed help…but this is exactly the point which changed my success.

Professional SEO help is very affordable. Over the course of the past few years, I had used several free programs, enjoyed a little success, but hated dealing with trial offers and a limited array of features. As a programmer and web developer, I wanted to think I could create something on my own to keep from spending any money on blogging. This stubbornness held me back for longer than I would like to admit. I finally broke down and realized that I was wasting valuable time on tasks others have already figured out.  Why reinvent the wheel? For less than the cost a SEO would charge for one hour of time, I was able to purchase a full feature SEO program. Looking back (which I hate to do), I wish I had spent the $47 for this program, long before I purchased the stacks of book while looking for the silver bullet to SEO gains.

Conclusion. I love the product, and yet, have only been using it for 5 months on this site. The results speak for themselves. While my results have not reached the levels obtained by others using this program, I understand my niche and can easily state this is the best and only investment I’ve made for blogging SEO software. As stated previously, my rankings did not pop overnight….in my case, it took roughly 2 months to see real results. If you are trully interested in monetizing your site, focus on getting traffic first. The program is a great step in that direction!

Thanks for the Traffic in 2008!

Happy New Year to all! As I prepare for another exciting year at ILovePhotoblogs, I just wanted to recap some of our highlights from this past year.

Let’s get ready to rumble. Our first photo blog post was published in March 2008 and while WordPress was not a new platform to me, some of the modifications I was looking incorporate were time-consuming to research. Justingirlintheworld was a very helpful resource for all things WordPress. I still frequent the site for cool WordPress tips and to check out her latest designs. Still haven’t implemented WordPress 2.7 and now I see that 2.8 is being discussed!

Goals and Ambitions. My goal with this site was to create a directory for all things photo blogs. This mission began by listing a few photo blogs on a daily basis, and placing these sites into a photo blog directory. The selection criterion for each photo blog listed started out and remains, based solely on my preference. Page ranks and Alexa ratings play no part in the decision process of what is showcased on this site. To date, we have featured over 700 photography site/photographers. I tried and removed SnapShots. It appeared to be a cool way to display a graphical snap shot of a site by rolling the link. But, when have the number of links as I do on any given page, the constant pop-ups quickly grew annoying. The photo blog directory has not been updated in several moons, due primarily to the growing length of the display page. I like the idea of a directory and it may evolve in a searchable database sometime in 2009…time permitting.

Summer Blues. Over the summer, I was involved in several other projects, unrelated to this site, which took up a great deal of my time. As a result, the frequency of postings was greatly impacted. However, by the end of summer I was able to return to my normal posting routine.

Random Photo Blogs Application. However, it was during the summer I introduced our Randomizer 1.o. My inspiration for this application was to leverage the legwork which had already been performed in searching for quality photo blogs, and to produce new content. Since many of the sites frequently updated their content, my thinking was to design a way to “re-showcase” these sites. The solution was to display a webpage within a webpage and write a script to dynamically load a single site from my list of over 400 photo blog URLs each time the page is refreshed.  Although this page has not been as popular as anticipated, it remains my favorite part of the site. It takes more effort to describe this tool than is really necessary, simply go to Randomizer 1.o and continue to click the “View More Photo Blogs – Press Here” button.

Getting noticed. It was during the August time frame that our site really started to gain traction in the search engines and traffic significantly increased. Despite what I’ve read on the topic of SEO, my experience has shown that for new sites, you can expect to wait 3-5 months for search engines to find you. So, between having more time to dedicate to writing and a general maturation process of the new site, traffic continued to grow.

Contests and Photography Projects. By September, I was looking to add a different element to the site as a way to spice things up. I had never put together a blog contest, but thought it would be a great way to bring in new viewers. After researching how other blogs were running their contests, I figured it was time for action and subsequently started a Top Comments Contest. With a self-financed prize of $25, the contest was a great success. Contestants were required to be a site subscriber and the winner was based on the total number of comments posted. For $25, it was a great way to dramatically increase the reach of my audience. Lessons learned from the first contest…top commenter contests deter participation from newer visitors rather quickly. During the first week of the contest, new participation was high. However, after week one a handful of eager participants put the contest out of reach for the casual commenter…here’s a list of the results from our first blog contest.

As September was coming to a close, I really liked the energy the contest had generated and wanted to hold another one in October. My decision was to hold a contest using a different set of rules and prizes…The Oktoberfest 2008 Contest was a tremendous success and included a random selection of winners (as opposed to top commenters) and I was very thankful to have all the prizes donated by some wonderful bloggers/photographer. Dave Beckerman, New York photographer extraordinaire, was at the top of my wish list to contact for a print donation…and was thrilled to have him graciously agree to participate. Other prizes I offered included free advertising packages supplied by Blogging From Scratch, ThemeLib, and Project Runway Philippines.

The month of October also marked the beginning of our most successful project to date…20 Awesome Photography Blogs…This project highlights 20 amazing photo blogs from a specific city or region. Currently, we have published 22 installments of this project. The idea behind this project to create an interesting way to read about photographers, one region at a time…instead of my normal random approach…To date, the Baltimore photo blogs has been by far the most popular of this series. Due to the popularity of this project, I also created a separate site to make it easier for readers to quickly view the entire list of installments.

In preparation of the new year, I have recently started another contest for January 2009, the Happy New Year Photo Blog Contest Giveaway. In hindsight, yes, the contest name is a bit long and awkward. However, the prize selection is wonderful…Special thanks to for underwriting this great event!

Looking forward. I have high hopes for ILovePhotoblogs in 2009! As our traffic has continued to grow, to my delight, so has the volume of email I’ve received. Keep it coming! I’m always looking for new ideas and suggestions to make this site better. Ideas that are currently on my short list for 2009 include: new directory for photo blogs, guest writers (if interested, please contact), continuing contests, more camera equipment reviews, and weekly videos (no promises, but definitely being considered).

Photography Start Group Writing Project

While working on our next project, which has grown to include a review of hundreds of photo blogs, I find myself equally interested in the About page of a particular blog as well as the photography. Sure, checking out photos is great, but what is truly unique is how each photographer got their start (here’s my About page). This seems to be a great topic for a group writing project.

The theme: getting our photography start. I don’t know about you, but I love to hear how others got started in photography, so I’m looking forward to reading all the entries.

The rules are simple: write a post with this theme on your blog, include a link to this post and leave the link to your post in the comments section. Check back regularly and visit everyone’s posts to share some comment love.

Spread the word about the project and invite everyone you know to join!