Cafe Haze

overcast canal image

The purpose of this experimental “virtual café” project was to deal with winter cold and boredom but the project proved to be helpful in summer heat and excitement as well. It is strictly non-profit and even non-gain activity but it has a meaning for us. We really do not want to achieve anything special here – simply enjoy the view/moment and “waste” some time asking fundamental life questions.

The idea is kind of simple – a virtual art café where people meet without any pressure to talk through all sorts of multi-media. It is about sharing personal feelings ,moods, thoughts, views, opinions etc. There is a tendency toward ambience rather than ambition and showing-off. It is hard to say for sure what it is about – it is like a poetic chat in the virtual bar/café where the story has continuity on a “subconscious” level.

Images have some “magical” link – kind of like group of musicians trying to play together. Through associations, and other artistic alchemical processes they blend from one into another and get connected (imagination is helpful).
The “Haze” is the cloud/fog of virtual connections and some people believe these are real connections (but let’s say it is possible to have such illusions)…cafe haze

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