Brooklyn based photographer Noah Kalina






Brooklyn based commercial photographer Noah Kalina


2003 BFA, School of Visual Arts

Group Shows:

2010: “Night Gallery” – Corcoran – Washington, D.C.
2010:”Playground” – Octane – Atlanta, Georgia
2010 “Thanks for Sharing” – D21 Kunstraum – Leipzig, Germany
2010 “Cercle Vicieux” – Espace 201 – Montreal, Canada
2010  Pro’jekt LA 3: Dear Diary” MOPLA – Space 15 Twenty, Los Angeles
2010 “these friends” THIS Gallery, Los Angeles
2009 “Gifrt Horse” Charlie Horse Gallery, Williamsburg Brooklyn
2009 “What Women Want” Dessinee Gallery, Toronto
2009 “Emerging Artist Auction” Daniel Cooney Fine Art
2008 “As Others See Us”. Brattleboro Museum, Vermont.
2008 “The Mirror of Time”. Haywood Gallery, London.
2008 “The ACP Video Lounge.” Australian Center for Photography. Paddingtong, Australia.
2008 “Identite(s): Faire Faces.” Lebleuduciel. Lyon, France.
2007 “Le Temps”, Albert Marinus, Brussels, Belgium.
2007 “The Evolution of the Digital Portrait”, Clamp Art, Chelsea New York
2007 “FACCIA A FACCIA”, Forma. Milan Italy
2007 “Command Z”, Torrance Art Museum. Torrance California
2007 “We Are Photographers Now!”, Musee de l’Elysee. Lausanne Switzerland
2006 “Human Analysis”. Netherlands Art Festival. Dutch Design Week
2005 “Hey Hot Shot”, Jen Bekman Gallery. New York, New York
2003 “Mentor Show”, School of Visual Arts, SVA Soho Gallery. New York
2003 “Taken From Everyday”, School of Visual Arts, East Side Gallery, New York

Current Photography Projects

Noah Kalina Blog
KALINA Magazine
Noah Kalina on Flickr
Noah Kalina Everyday

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