Attention Wedding Photographers

i love wedding photography logoDue to the large amount of wedding photography blogs we receive on a daily basis, the decision has been made to create a new site dedicated guessed it…Wedding Photography. We’ve launched I Love Wedding Photography a few hours ago and we’re working hard to publish all the wedding photography blogs submitted the past few days.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, you will see multiple daily posts on this site…however, once we’re caught up you should anticipate around 1-2 posts daily. If you sign up for the new feed, I hope you’re not too inconvenienced by the quantity of posts. Trust will slow down.

For the wedding photographers out there, this site will grow rather quickly as we push to make this a valuable resource for photographers looking to get additional exposure as well as readers looking for your services. To accommodate the advertising requests we’ve received for this site ( and turned them down), we will be offering advertising opportunities at the new site. The rates are crazy low at this point. So, if you are interested on even more promotional punch, you may want to consider this avenue.

While we’ll continue to feature wedding photographers on this site, the majority of them will now be featured at I Love Wedding Photography. This site has its own submit your wedding photography site feature, so be sure to submit your site to the correct blog.

Will anything change at I Love Photo Blogs? Not at all…it’s business as usual. To all our loyal readers, thank you for your support and the kind words you forward to me.

I look forward in the challenge of running an additional site and hope you will add our new offering to your web travels.

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