Architectural Fine Art Photography | Sonja Quintero

fishnet stockings legs hanging out of window Architectural Fine Art Photography | Sonja Quintero – Texas girl living in East Dallas and dreaming of NYC. “I have been an Interior Designer for many years, but fell in love with photography in 2005. I started out in the darkroom and it remains my true love. I now mostly do digital work to sell online, but also do some work in architectural photography (i have a site for that as well) for people in the design industry. My photos have always leaned towards the structural, stemming from my love of design, I suppose. I shoot cemeteries, as well.

angel wingsThere is something in their calm, dark beauty that captivates me. Also intrigued by abandoned things and spaces. Urban decay fascinates me. I shoot things most others ignore. No skinny models or sweet babies for me!”

Sonja Quintero – Squint Photography



Architectural Fine Art Photography - Sonja Quintero

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