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All Walks of Life photo blog| John J. Waterfield.Greetings. My name is John. I recently started a photoblog to capture the main thing I do in my life everyday, which is meet people. I have always had a strong interest in individuals, from all walks of life (hence the title of my blog), and in the past few years, I have spent a great deal of time meeting people, out on the streets, during my travels, and daily adventures, and have accumulated best friends, travel buddies, and a wealth of funny or interesting stories.

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I have loved photography for a long time, and so recently I decided I would combine these two passions, photography, and my love for people, and share it with the world. I shoot with a 5d mark ii. I own only 2 lenses, a 35mm prime and a 135mm prime. That’s all I need, I use only available light. Typically I will have a long conversation with someone before or after I shoot them, so I can decide how best to present that person on my blog. Anyhow, I’m new to the whole blogging thing and currently Im just seeking ways to get more people to see it.

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