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This website is an on-going, nearly daily, personal project to display a random selection of some of my 8000+ pictures taken since I started taking pictures, which was sometime around 1964. Rather than have these images rot under my desk, I thought it would be interesting to make them available. (More about my slide collection.)

Some of my images have turned up in interesting places: on record jackets, books, funeral memorials, even documentary films made for TV, and off-Broadway stage productions.

Some of the rules I set for myself for doing this project require that I spend no more than 10 minutes working the orignal scanned slide in Photoshop. The only adjustments I permit myself are some simple color balancing (many of the slides come out of the scanner too blue), brightness and contrast adjustments, and some sharpening. Some of the images are cropped, but most are full image.

I do not distort the images. In fact, I really dislike seeing images that are intentionally distorted for some artistic effect. I’d prefer to leave that to painting. What I want to see in a photo is a realistic image, but one that draws attention to things that otherwise might escape our view.

Of course, you will notice that many of these images were taken in Europe, or other interesting places. It seems that the times I am most actively taking pictures are when I’m on a trip or on vacation. I took my first trip to Europe (Ireland/Scotland/England, actually) in 1966. I was 22 years old, and I had a new Nikkormat camera. Being outside New York CIty and out of the US for the first time really managed to open my eyes. In the 1970’s I managed to spend two years living in working in London, and took trips to the continent and north to Scotland. And I took many pictures during that period.

I started shooting digital around 2003, and I like the immediacy of the medium, but I don’t think I’ve given up on film yet. Digital photography is very seductive .. it’s so easy to shoot, and cheaper than film. I still have my film Nikons, and plan to use them. But starting in 2007, more and more recent digital images start appearing on this blog. Now it’s a mix of past, current, and future.

If you were to ask me what interests me the most when taking pictures, I’d have to say that it seems that what I’m trying to photograph is stillness and a sense of place and position….all i’ve seen by richard friedman

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