A Year in Review – Plus More Photography Blogs

In looking back on the year that was, let me first say I am extremely grateful for all the viewers and photographers who took the time to visit this site. The number of photographers that submitted their sites was overwhelming. With this last correspondence of the year, I will not bore you about which posts were popular or received the most page views (but yes, we had another record year for traffic in case you’re keeping track at home). Rather, I will finish yet another year in photography by doing what I do best… promote photographers and photography.

So, there were hundreds of photographers who proudly submitted their prized sites to my attention and I’m so honored to be able to shine a little extra light on their works. As is always the case, there were hundreds of sites which I could not find room for. If you submitted a site that did not get published in 2012, please try again in 2013.

In closing the books on this year, here is one last list of incredible photography blogs. See you in 2013!

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