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Attention Blogger Users – Are you currently using Blogger for your photography blogging platform, quite satisfied doing so, but would like to spruce up the design? You’re not alone.
Good news. Cinnamon Girl Studio has released a great new template specifically for Blogger users, called Plain Jane, The design is simple and minimalistic at it’s very core, but extremely pleasing to view.
 Simple Photography Blog Blogger Theme
Plain Jane template features:
    • Flickr Slideshow
    • Customize most colors, fonts & background in Blogger Template Designer (we love!)
    • One column supports images up to 1024px wide
    • Pages are simple with no slideshow or footer gadgets
    • Minimalist design
    • Upload your logo as an image file in Blogger’s design/layout gadget section
    • Date block with wrap around text
    • Menu with drop-down feature (html)
    • Four columns in footer for gadgets, ads, content
    • Hand drawn social banners for Images, Feed, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook
    • Social banners in both color and mono are inluded
    • Facebook like buttons under each post
    • Facebook comments embedded under each post on home page (we love!)

Plain Jane - Blogger Template -  $30.00 USD

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9 thoughts on “A Simple Photography Blog – Blogger Template

    • Glad you like them. Cinnamon Girl makes some amazing templates for Blogger and WordPress. I have used a couple for Blogger and anxious to try out the WordPress templates in the near future.

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