A Photo Blog from Marbella Spain – James Waugh


A Photo Blog from Marbella Spain – James Waugh

“I have been taking photos since the age of 9 when I was given a Kodak film camera. Since then I was always curious and intrigued about capturing moments on photo. The only draw back for me was the waiting time between taking the photo and having it developed. As the years have gone by and digital photography has become of viable quality, I have become even more keen, as now….. the waiting is over!

After a days shooting, I can get straight home and begin the process of organizing my photos. Using professional software as my dark room, I am able to gain the end result desired.

My passion is Landscape photography. I think it’s the feeling of capturing that special moment of peace on a beach or the calm of a sunset. I am often down on the beach first thing in the morning wondering what the day is about to bring. Landscapes have the ability to draw the viewer in and create all sorts of scenarios in their mind. Whether it’s a wave crashing against the rocks or a lone tree in a field, I love to be there capturing it all.”

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