9 Photos I Wish I Had Taken

I love photography. Not just taking photos, but viewing the images of other photographers. Even before starting this site, I can honestly say I spent more time admiring the art of others more than working on my own portfolio. Not sure this is a good thing, but explains why I get so much enjoyment running this photo blog. 9 Photos I Wish I Had Taken is a product of  recently going through my ton of bookmarks and deciding to share with you some of my favorite photos from the thousands of sites I’ve featured.

dogs in snow central park

Dogs in Snow via Dave Beckerman


The Model & The Hairdresser via Stefan Rohner

women of choice

Women of Choice via Rion

2 santas shake nyc

Two Santas Shake via Jezblog


Tattoo Man via Amin Torres

reflected light ocean

Reflected Light via Iced Coffee

ancient-woodland north yorkshire

Ancient Woodland via Absolutely Nothing


Twin Towers via Marta


Hip photos via 1965 Monochrome

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12 thoughts on “9 Photos I Wish I Had Taken

  1. Haha. Nice ones. “Reflected Light via Iced Coffee” and “Jeans Hip via 1965 Monochrome” both are hilarious!!

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