5 Photoblogs I’m Reading on Veterans Day

Before I tell you about my photoblog reading list today, I wanted to mention I’ve finally completed my first eBook, Making Money Photoblogging in Easy Steps. While not a literary masterpiece, my goal with the eBook is simply to provide information on how to get started in the world of photoblogging (if you haven’t done so already) and to give you some ideas of the many possibilities of how you can make money with your photo blog. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact..I’ll try my best to answer any questions you may have…

Today’s photo blog reading list includes several of my trusted regulars and a new submission that made the cut….The first on my list…John Lander of AsiaImages is a freelance writer and photographer based in Japan with a passion for Japanese gardens, onsen and festivals. His credits include photos and articles published by Travel+Leisure, Diversion, Asian Geographic, Forbes, and many more. John has compiled a wonderful collection of photography. You’ll love how he frames his images and the use of vibrant colors.

Dave Beckerman is a daily read for me..always look forward to receiving his feed. He recently posted  that he is now offering photography classes on location. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from a true New York City street photography master…just wish I lived a bit closer so I could attend. Maybe I can talk him into offering some online video classes in the future!

LiquidWednesday by Brain Lee, is always an interesting read..not your typical pretty picture photo blog…(I love people that like to mix it up a bit). This Portland, Oregon based photographer has a flair for the outrageous, but can also knock out some timeless classics…

Last evening I received the photo blog of Nicholas Garcia…while this a relatively new photo blog, there are some excellent experimental images and nice examples of environmental portraiture…Keep up the good work, Nicholas. Look forward to seeing more of your photography.

…and finally, Rion.nu by street photographer Rion Nakaya…I can’t say enough about the work of Rion…aside from the over 6,000 images posted to this blog, her photographic talents are quite remarkable. Currently based in London, England, her vast portfolio is loaded with images from around the world. So, top off your coffee, sit back and take some time to enjoy the incredible collection of images.


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