5 Photoblogs For a Lazy Fall Morning


“My primary goal in my photographs is searching artistic features in nature and urban motives.” robert kruh photogblog

Everest from BaseCamp, Tibet, after snow

ExposedPlanet.com is a so-called photoblog, which is the visual variation of a blog. Normally photobloggers post one image daily with little or no comments, but as you will see, not me :)

I have started ExposedPlanet.com not only as a way to show my portfolio, but also to share the beauty of our planet. Nowadays negative press & media might make people scared of everything foreign or different: culture, religion, people and the places themselves. This xenophobia is taking over our lives and prevents us from seeing the real world as it is: a wonderful place with beautiful people. There are no bad or evil countries, religions or people. There is bad and good people in every culture, including your own.

I hope I can share a bit of the amazement I have enjoyed while traveling the 7 continents. The more I see, the more I know I still have to see and I will. Life is too short to focus on not-existing enemies & fears.”

black and white portrait man motion imagery

“I’m born in 1974 in a small town in southwest Germany. I’m married and have two daughters. With the birth of my oldest daughter I started taking photographs. Since 2004 I’m working only with film and mostly mechanical cameras. Most of my work is autobiographical and intuitive. I try to investigate the force and meaning of the photographed image and my personal connection to people, places and my surroundings. I see my work as a search for my own view on life.” andreas kaiser photoblog

chipped paint abandoned boat

“I think I have always been interested in photography but I never really had a chance to get into it. At the beginning of last year that changed and I became more serious about it. My main interest at the moment are landscapes or outdoor related subjects. Though I try to experiments with as many subjects as possible. I’m totally self-taught and try to improve the quality of my images every time I have to chance to go out shooting.” Sven Seebeck @ from10to300mm


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