49 Incredible Photography Blogs

Over the course of the past year and a half of our existence I’ve reviewed numerous blogs and websites on photography; over 1800 photo blogs during a recent accounting. For this article, I have put together a list of my top 49 photography blogs published on this site.

Top Photography Blogs are based on:

  • frequent updates
  • informative content
  • original perspective
  • creative and experimental
  • interesting photographer biography
  • overall pleasing web design

Understand, the photography websites, photography blogs, and online photography magazines are not listed in any particular order. I love them all! Yes, I do have a leaning towards New York City street photography and black and white images. I understand my weaknesses. However, I have tried to create a balanced representation of all my favorites.

I hope you will bookmark & share this post and spend time reviewing each of these tremendous photography sites. I acknowledge this list could have been much longer, but there are only so many hours in a day.

After reviewing the list and you have a photoblog you’d like to give a shout out to, please feel free to comment…actually, I would encourage you to comment. I love reading the viewer feedback…it gives me an idea if we are headed in the right direction.

Have a photoblog you’d like to have considered for inclusion in a future post? Here you go…suggest a photoblog.

  1. MikesRightBrain
  2. 1965 Monochrome
  3. Jezblog
  4. Nonphotography
  5. Amy Stein
  6. Seeking Focus
  7. Iced Coffee
  8. EyeSpy London
  9. Feldauge
  10. Jerry Avenaim
  11. The One Eyed Man v2.0
  12. Roumi Photos
  13. Photo Sensibility
  14. Thomas Locke Hobbs
  15. David Smeaton
  16. Atomische
  17. Chromasia
  18. Joe’s NYC
  19. Really Japan
  20. Lost in Pixels
  21. Rion
  22. Decoys Like Curves
  23. Lost in Shots
  24. Cozmopics
  25. David Bergman
  26. Bridge & Tunnel
  27. Seattle Daily Photo
  28. Batailley
  29. Thomas Hawk Digital Connection
  30. Isochronic
  31. The Java Jive
  32. Shadowtones
  33. AbsolutelyNothing
  34. BlueJack
  35. Still Life With
  36. Elaine
  37. Markus Hartel
  38. Urban Ghost
  39. The Big Picture
  40. Amin Torres
  41. Marta
  42. Mike Nyff
  43. Light and Dark
  44. 16 +
  45. Stefan Rohner
  46. Just What I See
  47. Joe McNally
  48. Eskepe
  49. Clueless in Boston

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22 thoughts on “49 Incredible Photography Blogs

  1. hey mate

    thanks for mentioning my blog … while i’m traveling i get too far from internet to update regularly, but i’m throwing up travel photos when i can.

    i’ve been checking out some of the other blogs on the list too and there are some cracking photographers out there.



  2. Great post – took the time out to go through the lot and my RSS feeder is now a lot fuller, thanks! Will submit my own as well.



  3. Nice list, thanks for this. Lots of my favourites but also a few that are new to me, which is always exciting.

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