4 Great Examples of Family and Children Photography

little girl playing by pool of water

Robin Gale Cornett

There is a real thrill in capturing something unique on film, whether it’s a certain look, a moment, or a detail. I have always loved photography, but it wasn’t until I got my first digital SLR that I was able to really let go and explore all that my camera had to offer… film was expensive and megabytes are (almost) free! In the past few years I have really been able to let go and take chances on shots I wouldn’t have dared to with film for fear of “wasting” my money! I took thousands of pictures of my own children and just really basked in the fun of it all.
I enjoyed the many compliments I received on my pictures, but hadn’t thought about sharing this passion and talent beyond my own family. That changed in early 2007, when our pastor preached a series of sermons called “Soul Cravings” … it covered a lot of ground but what I took away from it is that God wants us to pursue what we love and to embrace our passions. So I started exploring. A friend pointed me to the blog of an internationally known photographer, who not only takes fantastic pictures, but is passionate about helping other women and mommas (such as myself) pursue their passions. I kept exploring. And got excited. So I started down this road of creating images of your lives, in addition to my own.

Other than that, you should know that I thrive on coffee, chocolate, and Diet Coke. I love my husband Andy. I adore grammar, but not capital letters. I’m not cute or fluffy or frilly. I cut my hair short so I wouldn’t have to mess with it. It also no longer gets in the way of my pictures. I like dogs, but not cats. I love babies, but I’m glad mine are growing up. I am a totally tangential thinker, but trust me, there’s always a connecting thread. Well, almost always…robin gale cornett photography

triplets having fun in the kitchen

Tara Whitney

I see something in people. I see something in families. It is the same something that I want to capture in my own family, in my own children. I strive to capture it for you too.

Photography is more than my job, it is my goose-bumps-tears-jump up-and-down-on-my-bed-passion. I have an eye for family photography that goes way beyond the traditional white shirts and jeans. I am not out to create the “flawless traditional portrait”. Life isn’t flawless. I am looking for capture your authentic connections. Leave the perfect hair and clothes at home. I would much prefer to see you just as you are – beautiful! Show up in your favorite jeans and tousled hair, your child with a lollipop-stained mouth from the ride in the car. Relax. Have fun. Be real. Be alive. Be in love, and loving each other. Perfectly imperfect.

My work has been described as spontaneous and real. I think of it as quirky, emotional, and happy. I am a young mother of four and I have been photographing the big and little people in my life for the last nine years…tara whitney photography

mother and infant

Whitebox Kids

a photographer friend of ours once described our style as a mix between vogue magazine, apple pie, and coca-cola. hmmm, interesting. actually, we think that sounds pretty good! our tagline could be: stylish, yummy, and refreshing! that’s not quite it..how about..fresh.vibrant.lovely! that works!

photographing children and families is our absolute most favorite thing in the whole world (other than long vacations in mexico and chocolate cake)! we look forward to shooting your family soon – we promise that you’ll have a good time and you’ll have the coolest photos on the block!…whitebox kids

smiling girl on bed

Audrey Woulard

Who am I? I am a photographer that is based out of Chicago. I use natural light with all my portrait and commercial sessions 100% of the time. I have a natural light studio in Downtown Chicago that is 2100sq. Although I have a studio, I still do the majority of my sessions on location, and enjoy them very much! I specialize in Children’s portraiture. That is what I love, and do best. Eventhough I do commercial children’s work, my main focus is children’s portraits…audrey woulard photography

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