3 Incredible Newborn/Children Photographers

newborn baby sleeping in father's hands

“Jodie (Otte) operates out of the Black Horse Studio located in Northern Baltimore County, Maryland. The studio is named for the historic area of Black Horse. Jodie’s work has been seen in national ad campaigns, the New York Times, local and national publications, galleries and shows across the US, on greeting cards, FOX News in Baltimore, and published in The Big Book of Babies by J.C. Suares. Jodie is the photographer behind the 2009 Similac Infant Formula Early Shield ad campaign that has been seen in magazines such as Parenting, People Magazine, and InStyle. She is available for commercial and editorial work as well as portrait work in her Maryland studio.” black horse studio

cute child staring

“carrie cook is a portrait photographer based in los angeles, ca where she lives with her husband and two boys. her portrait sessions are fun and informal, allowing her to capture your personalities, capture your life…just as it is.” urban baby photography

newborn baby sleeping in basket

“When most people hear the word ‘portrait’ they cringe, thinking about all those stiff family group shots they were forced into, full of fake smiles and formal poses…..After shooting my own family for years I came to see that the most loved photographs, the ones that brought back the most memories & emotions, were never the ones where everyone was looking at the camera, they were the ones that showed us laughing, scowling, and being ourselves. It seems so simple, but it really is magic when you can capture a family being a ‘family’; messy, silly, moody, and above all, connected.” rebecca murphy photography

Trick Photography
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